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Why share your winners?
Pay it forward. It’s THE TRACK MAITRE D'S motto. We are all part of a group that loves this business. Hundreds of people I’ve shared my knowledge, experience and time with are experiencing the joy of horse racing as they never have before and spending time in line at the windows AFTER the race and not just before!

What if you lose?
You move forward. You analyze, you learn from your mistakes and, equipped with new knowledge, next time you are even better, increasing the percentages of continual picks that have a winning edge over the others.

What else do you do?
This is what I do six days a week, all year long. Don’t think I’m asking for sympathy, I love what I do! When the winter season ends and I’m not holding court at the podium as THE TRACK MAITRE D, I’m at the rail, or near the paddock, perhaps having a cool one at the top of the stretch, or logging time in front of those simulcast TV’s. It all adds up to, quite simply, work that results in top picks.

What’s your greatest horse racing moment?
It had to be an overcast day when for the first time I saw Evening Attire run at Saratoga. We had seats in the stands, high enough to see him on the back stretch so far back you couldn’t get him in the glasses with the rest of the field. As he closed, THE TRACK MAITRE D felt a chill and emotion like never before, watching that gelding run was, without a doubt, a very special moment.

What can I expect?
Consistency and determination. This is a game and you have to be prepared to ride it out to get real results. That is why THE TRACK MAITRE D works on a yearly membership basis. Time will produce what we want to achieve. The Track Maitre D works on a 6 or 12 month subscriber basis as well as Play by the Day and you will achieve winning results from either opition.

When I sign up, when do I start getting my picks?
Almost right away! Anyone joining us in any week (Sunday through Saturday) will begin to receive selections from The THE TRACK MAITRE D the following Wednesday. Remember, you may receive several selections on any given day and go a day without contact from us, based on our combined knowledge of the horses, races and racetracks we are following.  However, we guarantee that you will receive more than 2500 selections per year.

If I quit playing the horses, can I cancel your service?
Of course! Your annual membership fee is not refundable. However, you can elect to stop receiving emails from THE TRACK MAITRE D at any time by requesting through our contact page that your email be removed from our listserve. 

What if my email changes?
That’s fine!  Just notify us through our contact page of your new email address and you will continue to receive THE TRACK MAITRE D selections at your new email address.

What payment methods do you accept?
For your security all transactions are processed through the PayPal system. You can either pay through your PayPal account or with your credit card. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What if I want to pay by check?

You can!  Please mail your check to the address on the contact page.  However, please remember that you must have an email account to receive THE TRACK MAITRE D selections. Selections begin after your check has cleared. Please allow 7-10 days for this process to complete.

Can I request a specific race or race track?
There is no need! THE TRACK MAITRE D follows MOST major racetracks and races coast to coast.  Your favorite track is bound to be covered by THE TRACK MAITRE D!


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