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About Us....

The team approach is not a new concept to handicapping. Most of us have bought a tip sheet, of course the DRF, and many seek out the local tout or insider for the latest news and information. While these resources act as a foundation for THE TRACK MAITRE D, they are only the beginning. THE TRACK MAITRE D builds on this baseline information with my team resulting in selections that are mine and mine alone.

Our stable starts with staff member, “Numbers” who analyzes the on-going stats and takes a critical eye approach to morning line odds, times, speed, work outs, track bias, condition book, who’s on the mount, what’s the distance, turf surface, if the horse is off a claim, and so very much more. Senior staff member, our filly “Little D”, edits the web page and newsletter. This precise group is what makes information flow to you. THE TRACK MAITRE D feeds on this daily double to reinforce what he has seen and what he knows to call particular horses on particular days.

THE TRACK MAITRE D has more than 45 years of experience of track attendance, handicapping at dozens of tracks and building relationships with racing associates that result in this high level of professionalism. The Track Maitre d made his racing debut with the trotters in Batavia New York. As a child his father, working his way through law school, sold tickets at the pari-mutuel windows. THE TRACK MAITRE D expansion into the thoroughbred racing scene was a natural one -- marrying into a family that included a jockey and horse trainer and eventually leading to ownership of more than half a dozen horses that raced throughout Ontario, Canada.

So what makes THE TRACK MAITRE D successful? The recipe is complicated. Each month he will reveal a component. The first is patience. You have to check and double-check yourself. In horse ownership it means keeping your horse ready and, at the same time, waiting for the right race. This attitude has carried over to how THE TRACK MAITRE D selects today. I look for the right horse in the right race. I do not make picks for every race on each card at every track. I use an exacting approach that targets selections with great care. You still get quantity but much more importantly you get quality. No one wants a lot of a bad recipe. THE TRACK MAITRE D will give you the best entrees – more than 2500 a year and growing.

Today, I continue to work at a track, yes, as THE TRACK MAITRE D, immersed in the sights and sounds of racing on a daily basis and joining handicappers, owners, trainers and horse aficionados from one coast to another in daily conversation. After being asked on the job, “What does THE TRACK MAITRE D like today?” it seemed fitting to open up this service to you, the racing public. You might say the tips for THE TRACK MAITRE D turned to tips from THE TRACK MAITRE D!


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